Finders Keepers the Label launches Gattaca Collection

finders-keepers-the-label-gattaca-editorial-11 finders-keepers-the-label-gattaca-editorial

Finders Keepers’ summer range Gattaca merges futuristic minimalism with an elegant and sporty attitude.

Socks and sandals, yes please! Gattaca is playful and alluring, with an unashamedly feminine aesthetic. The feeling is confident, spirited and expressive. Isn’t versatility just what we are looking for in a garment? We want pieces that match our fast-paced lives and that still manage to look inspiring. Versatile in so many different ways, this collection works in the summer as well as in a Southern hemisphere winter, at day or at night time, outdoors and indoors (the editorial images of this range were shot both in the studio and in an urban scape).

When Finders Keepers do prints – and each of their collections features at least two – they are always exclusive and have developed out of an early trend that is realised with an unexpected twist. In Gattaca, tartan is not just tartan, there is a unique quality about this print, as if painted on with a brush but with the luminosity of a photo negative. The range’s leopard print is intricate and small: a classic print that’s been endlessly reproduced manages to be shown in a refreshing and new way in Gattaca.

We are seeing chunky roll neck knits that will keep you warm on a breezy summer night, dropped crotch trousers and deep V-neck dresses, beautiful textures and a colour palette including monochromes, pastels, golds and earthy tones.

From the beautiful gold sequined Dream On Maxi Dress as worn by American model & DJ Harley Viera-Newton, to the sleeved Wonderland Top donned by Kristina Bazan and the tartan print Dream On Dress as seen on Aimee Song, Gattaca satisfies your style needs regardless of where you’re going or where you’re at. Throw on some Finders Keepers and you can’t go wrong. Anything is possible.

The original article was published on the Self Service blog on 29th July 2014.

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